A Trip into the Aztec Underworld on Dia de Muertos

Skeleton Wall of Skulls

If I had any doubts that Dia de Muertos was a big deal in Mexico, they were erased last night. We went to the spiritual center of Mexico — the Zocalo of Mexico City — to check out the festival “En el corazon del Mictlan,” or “in the heart of Mictlan,” the lowest level of the Aztec underworld. It was amazing.

When we first got there, we were completely overwhelmed by the crowd — it was wall-to-wall people, people, people. We couldn’t see any of the altars or displays. So, we headed over to El Nivel — the country’s oldest cantina! — and had a few beers. Our friends Jeremy and Nancy showed up, and so we headed back into the Zocalo.

There were displays from each colonia (neighborhood) in Mexico City, and displays from every state in Mexico. There was also some really off-the-wall sights, such as a huge Lucha Libre wrestling ring, complete with wrestling skeletons, and a panaderia (bakery) staffed by skeleton bakers.

Here’s the Lucha Libre ring, with a hot skeleton girl in a bikini advertising the match.

Lucha Libre Dia de Muertos

To see more photos, check out the full photo album:

Dia De Muertos

6 thoughts on “A Trip into the Aztec Underworld on Dia de Muertos

  1. Julia Varga says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading about your move and daily life living in a new country! How inspiring you are! I’m sure it’s difficult and I wanted to say Thank you for sharing this with us! One question, maybe you did say why you moved, but I went back through your posts but didn’t see it, so why the move to Mexico?
    and how did Charlie deal with the move?

  2. Joy says:

    Thanks Julia – we moved here after my husband’s employer posted a job opening. We had always wanted to live abroad.

    As for Charlie, he’s doing quite well. Like us, he gets a little winded from the altitude but seems really good considering what a big move it was for him.


  3. Naomi Snyder says:

    I’m checking your blog so I can keep up with you and Brendan in Mexico City. I hope you don’t mind. Brandon gave me the address.
    Glad to see Charlie is coping just fine. He never liked me much but I still think he’s cute.

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