Such Plumage: The Exposed Chests of Mexico City Men

Sexy Mexico City Man 1

Yeah, that’s an abundant display of chest hair you’re staring at.

After about four minutes of living in Mexico City, I noticed that rich men here are different than the rich men in New York City, or Texas. I wish I knew where this stemmed from, and I haven’t decided if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

I really think the photos say it all. (These are photos of photos from the society pages of a local newspaper — I was too embarrassed to take photos of men like this out on the street.)

See more photos:

Often, the men photographed together dress fairly identically, too:

Sexy Bros in Mexico City

Sexy Bros in Mexico City 2

And, of course, the women here are definitely not shy about exposing their chests, either. Right along with their men, naturally. I like how he’s wearing the necklace in the family…

Sexy Man and Woman Mexico City

4 thoughts on “Such Plumage: The Exposed Chests of Mexico City Men

  1. DKN says:

    I second dregina.

    Hmmmm…I kinda like the bare chested thing given the examples you’ve posted. I’d giggle if I saw it here (which I sometimes do) but there….it just makes sense. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s a Latin thing.

  2. Joy says:

    Yes, it’s hilarious, and compared to the men who might be seen doing this in Astoria, these men are way better looking and dress far more fashionably.

    In Astoria, they’d have fake tans and ball caps on backward.


  3. Betty Victory says says:

    Hey, at least they don’t show as much as Will Ferrel !!! These guys remind me of Carlos from Desperate Housewives. Mucho, mucho guapo! Dulce de ojos!!

    I think female cleavage has gone a little far in both countries. Maybe these guys are just trying to keep up. Just watch the telenovelas for a short time and get a little chuckle. It is sort of a contest to see who can reveal or emphasize their body parts in a (possibly) more unique and/or eye catcing way. In addition, there must be an accentuation of oneself in a strikingly heavy amount of lipgloss and makeup while appearing at ease in excruciating high heels. It sort of doesn’t matter if there is dialogue….

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