Watching “Los Simpsons” in Mexico City Is Fun

Marge as Madre Santa

So, just like back in NYC, we get to watch the Simpsons on Fox on Sunday nights. The show is dubbed in Spanish, but the voices are similar — Marge still has her strangled whine and Ned’s got his nasal singsong — yet the whole thing feels slightly off kilter, like watching a pirated DVD, albeit a very funny one.

The show, in some ways, is better for me in Mexico; the antics of Homer (who is called Homero here) seem so perfectly random because I can’t fully understand what he’s saying, and I notice far more of the physical humor from all the characters. I also never realized how often Maggie is shown clinging desperately to Marge.

But, lo and behold, I feel infinitely cool when I do understand a joke. Ahem, por ejemplo, tonight they showed Bart playing a video game that pitted Rocky the boxer against the woman in the old ’80s Wendy’s commercial who said “Where’s the Beef?”

Or, “Donde es la carne?”

I know that seems really basic, but two months ago, I would have taken pause at that, translated it in my head, and then laughed. Tonight, it didn’t even take me a split-second to get it. Poco a poco, I’m able to do that more these days. (But we’re talking very, very poco a poco.)

Also, the Mundo Fox web site has a great Simpsons section, complete with pretty awesome e-postcards, or estampitas.

10 thoughts on “Watching “Los Simpsons” in Mexico City Is Fun

  1. Betty Victory says says:

    Wait……what do they do with the man in the bee costume who speaks Spanish????? Does he now speak Ingles?

    I always thought he was hilarious. I have NO explanation for why he strikes me as being so funny. I have tried to analyze it…….but no, it is just funny.

  2. Joy says:

    Good question — I haven’t seen the bee yet!

    But the episode we watched last night did feature Homer pretending to be a Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestler), and I wondered how that was perceived here.

  3. dregina says:

    I’ve heard that, if you can make a joke up on the spot in another language, you’re fluent. So if you can understand a joke on the spot, you’re 1/2 way there? Sort of? Right? Right!

  4. elperro says:

    The bee character, on the spanish translation for latin america, uses a mexican accent, instead of the neutral spanish.
    Its funny, i`m from argentina and always enjoy the episodes in both languages, but I prefer the latin voices

  5. Kuleiman says:

    I’m Mexican and have seen the show in both English and Spanish. I like it more in Spanish, but still don’t understand why a BEE?? And BTW, Lucha Libre means “Wrestling”, or literally, “Free wrestling”, not the wrestlers (Luchadores).

  6. Diego says:
  7. ANN says:

    Me ENCAAAAAAAANTA de los Simpson , he visto n de este espectáculo sorprendente versión latina de los casos, la voz de Homer -o es súper divertido casi mejor que la original hohoho. Bueno soy cabo .

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