Random Recipe: Joy’s Just Peachy Margarita

Just Peachy Margarita

It’s been a long week, even though it’s Tuesday. The solution: Joy’s Just Peachy Margarita.


  • One shot of tequila (less is better here – tequila doesn’t really mix well with peaches (esta sabor loco!) but with enough peach nectar, you won’t notice, nor care. Yes, work with me, folks – I’m culling from ingredients already in my fridge to invent a new drink.)
  • 8-10 oz of peach nectar
  • Splash of agua mineral con gas

Add ice, drink up.

It’s a lovely color, no? I wish I had a blender, cuz I totally want to try it all slushy.

One thought on “Random Recipe: Joy’s Just Peachy Margarita

  1. Teresa says:

    wonderful Joy! I’m on my way back home in San Pedro Martir in 2 weeks, I’ll have to see if I can try that one it sounds good.
    Temperatures still good or cold now? Of all things we fly in at 11pm at night with 3 dog carriers and mom.
    I think I need one of those “sqeaky Nuns’ for my pocket too..lolz It may help relieve some of the stress in this trip!

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