What Do They Think of My Squeaky Nun?

As both a testament to how old I am, and how old I think I am, I now have to write about the Squeaky Nun.

Approximately six years ago — six! already! — I flew from Corpus Crappy to Boston to visit my friend, Sarah. While there, at a toy shop, I stumbled upon her:

Squeaky Nun

I picked her up, and she squeaked. Loudly. I was delighted: It was THE perfect gag souvenir for my then-boyfriend, now-husband.

Since purchasing her, she has mostly just sat on shelves, watching us, guarding over our Jesus pencil toppers.

But, in the process of moving from NYC to Mexico – a very Catholic nation, I might add – the nun has been squeaked quite a bit.

When the movers were here, one of them lifted her out of the box, and accidentally squeaked her. At first, I think he was scared. Then, he couldn’t get enough. Squeak. Giggle. Squeak. Giggle. I think it was therapeutic for him, to make her squeak, over and over. I’m glad I could help.

And, just now, it happened again. The maid is here, cleaning. And she picked up Squeaky Nun to dust beneath her holiness, thinking it was a harmless miniature nun, but, no, she squeaked! I heard a little gasp. I hope she didn’t make a secret sign of the cross, asking for protection from me. If I spoke better Spanish, I’d ask her if she thought it was funny, or offensive. I constantly worry about these things. I really do.

Now, because we have the extra room, I have created a special place for our toys, above the toilet in our second bathroom. Squeaky Nun gets a prominent place, far from the jaws of the dog. Although, for the purpose of this post, I did let him have a little fun with her today:

dog and nun

10 thoughts on “What Do They Think of My Squeaky Nun?

  1. Christa says:

    Hi, my dog took all the squeak out of her squeaky nun. I thought it had been purchased a few years back at CheesyJesus.com, but it looks like they’re out of business. Any ideas about where to get a new one? Thanks.

  2. toyfoto says:

    i bought mine 12 years ago and gave it to my dog (who still loves it). Only damn squeaky toy she didn’t chew to bits either. She’s a pretty sturdy toy, though. You can see by the picture she’s gotten a lot of use.

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