A Reason to Visit Us Now: Noche Buena Cerveza (y Flores)

Noche Buena cerveza

Many, many good things are from Mexico. Like the poinsettia. Around these parts here in Mexico, the poinsettia is known as the noche buena. In the right climate — this one, of course — the poinsettia is not a mere flower symbolizing Christmas, it’s a big tree. See what I mean? Gorgeous, huh?

It’s also the name of a damn, damn good dark beer. It’s made by FEMSA — the same people who make Tecate and Dos Equis. As they say on their web site:

“The only Christmas beer in Mexico, Noche Buena is a dark beer, with a strong flavor and characteristic. True connoisseurs of beer await its release each year between October and December, when its rich qualities provide the perfect complement to the spirit of the holiday. With its emblem of the flower festival poinsettia (or Good Night), this beer inspires those who enjoy it to give the best during the holidays by delivering the best quality and flavor available in dark beer.”

The hitch? It’s only available this time of year. Come and get it now!

(Noche Buena Originally uploaded by toltequita)

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