Holy Crap: Mexico Volcano Spews Back to Life

El Popo Volcano

(015 Originally uploaded onto Flickr by arareko)

This weekend, while I was busy eating tamales and sipping tepache, one of our local volcanoes, Popocatépetl, decided to have a little fun, too. This is also QUITE the photo.

I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing that I can’t see the volcanoes (because one is not enough fun, we have two nearby) from my apartment. On one hand, how frackin’ cool: I live amongst volcanoes.

On the other, omfg.

This sort of answers my question about where all the dust comes from. Doh.

Flickr photographer Arareko just happened to climb El Popo during the eruption. See his full series of photos here.

10 thoughts on “Holy Crap: Mexico Volcano Spews Back to Life

  1. Joy says:

    It is totally amazing. At some point, when I’ve been here longer, I want to wax on and on in a blog post about how “alive” Mexico is, both culturally and environmentally. I mean that in both good and bad ways — volcanoes are fun, earthquakes are not. Mariachis are fun, subway robberies are not.

  2. outsider222 says:

    (“Volanoes are fun”…?) More ower to you!

    Now, to me, this is news. But up here in Maine, I never heard a word about it.

    Did CNN carry it?

  3. DKN says:

    Holy CRAP is right!

    And I can’t believe that they stuck around on that mountain, my ass would’ve been outta there soooooo fast!

    His photo stream is breathtaking.

  4. junemoon says:

    Joy ~ The bylines that you leave under the photos, is that the correct/ethical way to use other people’s photos? I have been putting “photograph courtesy of Flickr or Google images/photographer.” I have tried looking up the proper etiquette (sp) but haven’t been able to figure it out and certainly don’t want to be appropriating others’ photos without giving them proper credit.

    Anyway. All of that aside. That is an amazing photo of the volcano! We have volcanoes in Alaska where I lived for many many years and now I live in earthquake land (Alaska had earthquakes too but it is way more populated w/people down here) aka as California. junemoon

  5. Joy says:

    I only use photos on Flickr that have the “blog this” icon, meaning the photographer has allowed the photo to be used in blogs. When I click that icon, it automatically sets up a blog post for me, which includes the credit line like that. So, I don’t really have to do anything.

    I think linking to the original photo is important, and mentioning the photographer’s user name, too. I’m not sure either what the proper etiquette is, though.

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