Photos: Here in South Texas, We Got Gators, Lots of Wildlife

Texas Alligators

My brother and I traveled to the Aransas Pass National Wildlife Refuge today. It was perfect — cool, crisp and full of animals. First there were the ‘gators. Two small ones and one (shown above) that could be used to tow heavy cargo.

These are wild, untamed reptiles, folks. Not a zoo. We were just a few feet away, across a small body of water, when we spotted them. Thank god for telephoto lenses.

We also saw two snakes, thousands of birds, deer, hogs, javelinas and two bobcats. The bobcats were, of course, too shy to allow photography. And the javelinas had their faces shoved in the dirt, eating.

But here’s some pretty good shots, from both me and mi hermano, Erik.

Buzzards, aka turkey vultures, are a common sight on Texas highways, where they clean up the roadkill. Now I know where they go at night.

Buzzard Roost

Ducks, playing in some weird aquatic plant roots. (Yes, those are real plants. I know they look like rubber tubing, but they are plants. What you learn when you venture outdoors — it’s amazing!)


White-tail deer:


More gators:


Up close alligator

7 thoughts on “Photos: Here in South Texas, We Got Gators, Lots of Wildlife

  1. hankinslawrenceimages says:

    Great photos – with the size of those gators – I’m sure you were very happy to have the telephoto lenses with you.

    Glad to know I’m not the only one spending part of the holidays at National Wildlife Refuges. We’re at Blackwater and Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuges this week.

  2. juan says:

    When I was in the hamlet of Burlison, Tennessee this past fall, a friend of mine took me to a little joint way out in the country that served grilled gator on skewers (think of it as gator souvlaki, only this was actually seasoned with something). I’d had gator before, many years prior, but this was tops. So juicy and tender, it melted in my mouth…
    Not native to the Volunteer State, it was no doubt trucked-in from Florida, Louisiana, or possibly your home state.
    My question to you is this: Are there any establishments in the Corpus Christi/Texas gulf coast area that serve this fine delicacy? If so, how is it prepared?

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