The OxyContin of Potato Chips

Sabritas Adobadas

When it comes to snacking, most of us either like sweets or salty treats. I fall deeply into sweet territory, vastly preferring treats like frozen yogurt with mini-M&Ms over French fries.

But only a few days after we moved to Mexico City, I became slightly more in favor of the salty snacks when our friends Jeremy and Nancy invited us over to their splendid casa for a barbeque. Among the delicious offerings of meat and cerveza was also a big bowl of Sabritas Adobadas. They’re like Lays, but slightly less greasy and tons more tasty. I’m not sure what is coating them exactly, but it’s a little spicy, with a tomato-onion-lime flavor, and totally delicioso. Like the Mexican equivalent of BBQ flavored chips, I guess. Of all the hyperbolic sayings about how addictive potato chips can be (“Once you pop, you can’t stop…,” “Betcha can’t eat just one,” or in Mexico: “A que no puedes comer solo una!”) I finally found it to be true: Potato chips can be addicting.

4 thoughts on “The OxyContin of Potato Chips

  1. Joy says:

    Juan, have you had them? When are you visiting us?

    Oh, and, no I don’t think there’s any gator meat in South Texas, but the Cajun places might serve it — it’s probably shipped from Louisiana, though. The South Texas gators are mostly located in large protected lands, thank god.

  2. juan says:

    Had them and enjoyed them. The Mexican groceries I’ve been to carry some of their products like chili-lime peanuts, chili-lime corn twist things, obscenely red-colored tortilla chips flavored with… chili-lime.

    I want to come down, but two weddings this summer might put the kibosh on that one. We’ll see.

    Yep, pretty much all gator served in these Estados Unidos is farmed, not wild-caught.

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