Photo Tour: Mexico City Flower Market

Mercado Jamaica

The Mercado Jamaica is now my favorite mercado in Mexico City. For four reasons: It’s spacious, the vendors are friendly, it smells great, and the flowers are simply incredible. I’ll probably never go back to the Mercado Sonora — the witchcraft market — but I’ll be back to Jamaica, hopefully fairly often. I bought just one big bunch of flowers for 20 pesos (2 bucks) and I still used up every vase in the house and a water pitcher.

Here we go:

Mercado Jamaica 1

I bought the flowers above — the mixed hues of violet, white and purple. The vendedora said they should last 15 days.

Mercado Jamaica 2

Mercado Jamaica 3

Mercado Jamaica 4

My only regret is not taking more pictures of the prepared bouquets. They were incredibly elaborate — some even had glass jars with betta fish swimming in them! Next time, next time…

Mercado Jamaica 5

9 thoughts on “Photo Tour: Mexico City Flower Market

  1. Joy says:

    I have. This may be naive of me, but I didn’t draw any comparisons at the flower market. It was definitely a happy place, the vendors seemed to be self-employed, and I’ve seen the flower fields in nearby Cuernavaca, so the stuff isn’t being transported thousands of miles…

  2. ismael says:

    hola a todos este 10 de mayo pienso ir a surtirme flor y quiero saber si me pueden mandar una lista de precios de flores:rosas, lilis, tulipanes, alcatraces, clevel,

  3. patricia perez says:

    I love your blog, I´m mexican and I´m very proud of what you are showing of my beautiful country, I also have a house at playa blanca zihuatanejo and we share same tastes! congratulations!

  4. louis c barbato says:

    i had a home in acapulco for many years during which i had a vast array of flowers to plant the one flower i a dored grew wild it would grow just about any place cracks in cement, fields it was usualy blue , or white and was called TERESITA can any one no where to get this plant ihave tried almost everywhere in the usa

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