Hidden Gem: Parque Mexico in Mexico City

Parque Mexico

(Flickr photo by Uncle Toss)

Parque Mexico is not a big park, like Chapultepec, but it is a park full of little details — and terrific landscaping. While I am sometimes tempted to rush out, walk Charlie, and rush back to editing whatever I’m editing, I’m greatly rewarded when I linger a little.

At the center of the park is an outdoor ampitheater that has seen grander days. The paint on the art-deco sculptures have long faded, and the columns look only one earthquake away from collapse, but it has retained a eerie beauty.

Parque Mexico 2

(Flickr photo by Uncle Toss)

If you look up, you’re rewarded with some of the world’s tallest palm trees.

Trees in Condesa park

(Flickr photo by beco)

park at night

(Flickr photo by monterd)

If you look low, you’ll see a tiny altar to Virgin Mary nailed to a tree. Or a big altar full of fake and real flowers.

mary in the parque

(Flickr photo by zeebahtronic)

During the week, while never empty, the park is tranquil. I can walk Charlie without worry. I can always find an empty bench if we want to sit. On the weekends, though, it’s quite crowded, full of families, vendors and energy.

tree in park

(Flickr photo by Ekz)

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