Ah, The Weirdness of Carnaval in Mexico City

Carnaval Xochimilco

After we toured the canals and local food market of Xochimilco on Tuesday, we headed back to the car to go home. But the car was blocked. By a parade. Ah yes, Carnaval. So, we had no option but to watch. Along with the obligatory dancers and revelry, this was perhaps the most entertaining “float:”

Carnaval Baby

That’s a man in drag, pretending to be having a baby, the head of which is another man, in drag, who was sitting inside the float, covered except for his head. Clever, eh? I like the “lady’s” bear-feet slippers. (Bear-feet and pregnant: ha!)

There were also plenty of cute kids, as always, in Mexico:

Carnaval Kid

(photo by Bob Walsh)

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