Thanks to Spitzer, My Political Disillusionment Is Complete

Holy hay-zeus, could Eliot Spitzer be more stupid? Ain’t no lady of the night worth what he’s experiencing right now!

When the first news broke, I was emailed and IMd by a barrage of friends. Friends who remembered how I loved Spitzer when he was running for governor. Example, from my friend Connie:

“Spitzer your favorite gov was involved in a prostitution ring…oy vey! What a scam he is! I had so much faith in
him in the beginning…. ”

And from my friend Marc:
“hear about NY governor elliot spitzer? best scandal of 2008”

And of course, from my better half: “sorry that your hero has fallen.”

Anyway, to make a sad, pitiful story short, I hate American politicians. All of them. As I’ve said before, and I guess I’ll keep saying it again, Politics…Primaries…Blah, Blah, Blah.

2 thoughts on “Thanks to Spitzer, My Political Disillusionment Is Complete

  1. Betty Victory says:

    Yes, it seems like Spitzer had done such good work. It is an old story and history repeats itself. What is it about Dems and shooting themselves in the foot?? Most of you are too young to remember Gary Hart and how he seemed to be the perfect candidate until he started sneaking around with Donna Rice in late April 1987. Check out the incriminating picture and story at this site!!!

    And Bill Clinton, oh vey!

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