17 thoughts on “In an Absolut World

  1. Joy says:

    Uh, no. Mexico booted Spain out in the early 1800s. The War of Independence.

    Not-so-coincidentally, this occurred not long after Indian Mexicans finally developed resistance to smallpox. It took about 6 generations of misery.

  2. Max Ikbal says:

    This might look very innocent and clever, but is their intention, should I say their plan to make this map a reality. Don’t believe me..just ask the residents of the border states.

  3. DKN says:

    That’s funny, Max, considering the link attached your name there. Eliminate negative thinking, huh? How about delusional paranoia while your at it?

  4. pelón says:

    I’m all for repatriation but uh…
    Isnt’ that ingl√©s on the billboard?

    Keep it up Joy.

    expat living in El Centro

  5. Max Ikbal says:

    It’s very hard to accept the truth and very easy to label someone a racist and a bigot, but what people like DKN don’t understand is that there are some things which we cannot close our eyes to. And delusional paranoia you say….i sugegst you take a look at La Raza’s website. Denial is not an excuse.

  6. Joy says:

    But Max, the thing is, what’s so wrong with what La Raza has to say? Would it really be all that terrible if we stopped being so xenophobic (and often racist) in the U.S. and stopped thinking in terms of borders? Listened to what La Raza had to say? I’m not saying they’re anymore right than you, but they’re certainly not anymore *wrong.*

    I grew up in South Texas, an area that no matter what, is very much half U.S. and half Mexico. I don’t see it as a terribly frightening thing if, god forbid, we happened to let Mexico join our country. Or Canada. Or Guatemala. Or India. Whatever. I mean, it’s already a global society, borders are becoming increasingly irrelevant. I work online, I can work from anywhere. It’s wonderful. I love being in Mexico, I love experiencing a world outside of the U.S. I don’t want the countries to merge — I want Mexico to retain its far more enriched culture. But I don’t start having panic attacks at the notion of erasing the borders. People are people, and a bit of world travel helps many people lose their fears of others, and to help you understand the Absolut ad as a bit of humor, not a political rally cry.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Joy, the ad finally made the front page of El Universal today. As far as I know you were the first blogger to put this up, although the LA Times is getting all the credit. They got more than 1,700, mostly angry comments, since they put it up. But you beat them by about a week! We need to get some Absolut and grapefruits this weekend…

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