I See Miles and Miles of Texas

snow white

In one week of vacation, we kayaked the South Llano River with Dana and Cristian, spotted pronghorn antelope, frequently contemplated how to earn “passive income,” learned to play the card games 99 and Bull Shit, polished off a bottle of Tito’s Vodka (distilled in Austin), got turned away from the YO Ranch, smelled a dead deer behind a rest stop, petted Fluppy and Motley, sipped drinks under the watchful eyes of a stuffed longhorn at the Driskell Hotel, bowled in San Antonio, played pool in several Texas cities and some shuffleboard in Austin, toured an impressively eco-friendly remodeled King William Historic District house owned by our former landlord Roy, saw The HorrorPops with Ric, Amber and Nicole (and admired a young lady’s Snow White tattoo), spent St. Patty’s Day at Cheers, ate many plates of migas, toured adorable-but-windy Rockport with Betty and Don, giggled with Jenny and John, visited Dan and Zach at Chuck E. Cheese’s, watched a homeless man draped in a self-made plastic spacesuit walk across a park, soaked in lots of South Texas humidity, drove many miles, drank lots of coffee at uber-cool Austin coffeehouses, and generally had a great time seeing our fantastic friends and family in the mightily mighty Lone Star State.

7 thoughts on “I See Miles and Miles of Texas

  1. Joy says:

    Hey Tricia. You reminded me that I also should have said “devoured carne guisada at El Mirador with Trish…” to the list above!!! It was great seeing you again. šŸ™‚

  2. filmiclight says:

    Hello Joy… Just discovered your blog. Great posts.

    I’d like to ask permission to use this image here of the Snow White tattoo. I have a blog on all things Snow White and would like to include your pic on an upcoming post on tattoos.

    My blog: http://filmic-light.blogspot.com/ (sorry but it’s not a wordpress).


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