Water Aerobics and Green Mohawks

Today I went to water aerobics. Here’s where you laugh and say “but isn’t that for fat old ladies?” Yes, but it’s also for 31-year-old not-so-fat ladies on vacation. Water aerobics may not be the New York Marathon, but 1) I didn’t sweat 2) I had fun and 3) I shoved the foam barbells underwater so many times I know my arms will be feeling it tomorrow. So there.

Still, when I got home to my parents’ house after my “workout,” my 60-something parents pointed out that 1) I like to play bingo and 2) I attended water aerobics today. Harumph, I said, while admiring the pocketwatch collection on Antiques Roadshow.

But don’t send me off to the home just yet: One of my photos (taken at a loud rock concert! attended by people with tattoos!) made it onto the homepage of MohawksRock.com. Which means I am completely cool, hip, young, edgy and everything the opposite of water aerobics. Even if I had no idea what MohawksRock was until about four minutes ago.

Here’s my photo, and check out MohawksRock.com while yer at it, folks.


If I ever have the privilege of naming a new mascot for a water aerobics team (one day, it will be an Olympic sport, you’ll see), The Green Mohawks is it.

2 thoughts on “Water Aerobics and Green Mohawks

  1. Giant Mohawk Man says:

    The Green Mohawks? Hmm, sounds good enough to me. Let us know over at http://www.mohawksrock.com if you do do that. We may have to create a group for water aerobics then.

    Glad you found our site, and got your picture up on the front. The site grabs the top 3 photos from Flickr about mohawks. You should join up and post your picture so it will always be on there. And figure out who green mohawk guy is too.

  2. Moony says:

    Doesn’t sound so bad. I’m 31 too and you have more of a life than I do. Heh! I say kudos to the water aerobics and the bingo! And congrats on the highlight with your picture. =)

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