At Least My Fear Isn’t Totally Irrational

Joy awakens at 1:50 in the morning to a cacophony of police sirens, including a new siren she’s never heard before. It sounds frightening. In her exhausted, disoriented state, she bolts upright, assuming the new siren sound is The Siren. The one that goes off about 60 seconds before an earthquake strikes. (Yes, an alarm system is important for a city of millions, at least to get school kids under their desks, but what do you do in the middle of the night? If you’re in the shower? In the subway? In an MRI machine?) Still, Joy didn’t feel like taking chances.

Joy: Brendan, Brendan….Brendan!

Brendan (muffled): Eh…ugh…what? Stop tapping me.

Joy: Do you hear that? That siren? Do you think it’s….

Brendan (interrupting): No.

Joy: But it’s not going away like the other sirens.

Brendan: It’s been going off for awhile. Trust me, we’re fine.

Joy huffs and closes the windows to reduce the siren noise.

Brendan (laughing): Look at you! You were about to rush outside in your undergarments!

Joy: Well, that’s a lot of sirens.

Brendan: Yes.

Joy: Someone is having a shitty night tonight.

Brendan: Yes.

Next morning:

Brendan: Remember when you woke me in the middle of the night ready for the earthquake?

Joy: You never know. Plus, I was disoriented. There were sirens!

Brendan: Just what were you going to do if it was an earthquake?

Joy (perplexed that she has so no plan besides waking Brendan, especially since she’d rather be crushed than rush outdoors in her undergarments): I don’t know, grab Charlie…and…stand in a doorway.

Brendan: Great plan.

Joy (thinking about Brendan’s fear of cotton balls, but holding back): Thanks.

11 thoughts on “At Least My Fear Isn’t Totally Irrational

  1. dregina says:

    Joy! I have totally got your back on this one. I probably *would* have cowered in the doorway, at least until the adrenaline stopped foaming out of my eyeballs. Miss you guys!

  2. emily says:

    Well, now you know what to get him for his birthday a big box full of cotton balls with the real gift stuffed inside. I am so bad!!!

  3. Samuel D. Bradley says:

    OK, this comment is totally not about this post, but tell your hubby congrats on the win last night.

    When it got down to 4 points, I had to turn on the TiVo, so I did not watch the last 8 minutes live. Too much stress.

  4. Joy says:

    Yeah, it was a great game. I’m excited for tomorrow night. Vive ‘Hawks!

    Down here we watch it on ESPN En Vivo…en espanol tambien.

  5. nancy says:

    did u hear about the earthquake in South Texas? I just emailed my sister in San Antonio to see if she felt anything.

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