Me Encanta La Ley Que Prohibe Fumar en Cuidad de Mexico

Last night we had dinner at a terrific Italian restaurant, La Trattoria Della Casa Nuova in the south of the city with our friends Jeremy and Nancy.

Not long ago, Mexico City finally got around to banning smoking in restaurants and other certain public places. When I first heard about the ban, I was skeptical. The rich people here are the worst smokers. So f’ing rude. I’ve sat in fancy-schmancy, famed restaurants like The Rojo Bistro (which I can see from my apartment) surrounded by disgusting smokers brazenly blowing wafts of toxins into my face. It sours the taste of my food, and my mood. And I feel so sorry for the poor employees who have to basically smoke several packs of cigarettes every time they work, whether they want to or not.

So I am thrilled to report that at least a few restaurants, so far, are enforcing the ban. Last night I didn’t come home smelling like an ashtray, and my contact lenses didn’t feel like they were about to fall out into my lap, dessicated by smoke.

It really quite dramatically improves the whole experience, and so please, Mexico City, keep the ban and enforce it…it’s good for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Me Encanta La Ley Que Prohibe Fumar en Cuidad de Mexico

  1. Betty Victory says says:

    Oh, that is great. I am so used to non-smoking that I get startled when we go to a city that doesn’t have the ban. Wonder what the prissy rich smokers will do? Guess they will just have to take it outside.

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