Mi Suegro Va a Volver Manana (With His Photo Skills, Too)

Tomorrow my father-in-law is coming to visit again! He was here in February for a lovely visit, and now he’s returning to help dog-sit while we are at Spanish immersion school in Cuernavaca.

As always, I look forward to seeing the photos he will take. Here’s one from his last trip. The little lady is eating mango chiladas — one of my new favorite foods. It’s dried mangos dipped in a spicy chili-lime powder. They’re so addictive; I’ve got a bag of ’em on top of my microwave that I can’t stop raiding.

Old little lady eats dried mangos

Here is a portrait shot of her. Notice the two little braids. She is so weathered she’s beautiful:

portrait of a mango eater

2 thoughts on “Mi Suegro Va a Volver Manana (With His Photo Skills, Too)

  1. Sylvie says:

    Hi Joy, thanks for the nice comment. I’ll check in with your blog too. I’m sure we have many common friends, everyone overlaps here. We’ve been here a couple years already, so send an email if you ever have questions or want Mex advice!

  2. Ben says:

    Hey Joy,
    Ben here from the southwest tip of Queens: Long Island City, NY
    Concetta might have mention about my existence…

    During his latest visit to DF, my boss got me a bag filled with mexican hot candy. He’s a native from DF (like me) and knew what to get: Brinquitos, Pelón Pelo Rico, Miguelitos, Vero Elotes, Tamarindos…

    There is nothing more addictive that mexican candy.

    It’s nice to read your blog…. those little details you notice, that are integral part of the culture, which we sometimes overlook.


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