The Coolest Museum Ever

Veracruz Smile Face

(Photos by Don Victory)

Last week we finally visited the Museo Nacional de Antropologia (National Anthropology Museum) in Mexico City. I had heard it was awesome, but we never seemed to have time to check it out. With my parents here, and our friend Dora, we finally made time.

Even the floorplan is amazing. But the artifacts, displays and downright stunning creativity of Pre-Hispanic cultures in Mexico make it the best museum I’ve ever visited. We only spent about four hours there, visiting mostly the Mayan, Oaxacan, Veracruz and Central Mexico rooms. It’s one of those places I won’t mind visiting multiple times with different visitors, since there will always be new things to see.

It was all fantastic, but the smile faces from Veracruz were my favorite:

4 thoughts on “The Coolest Museum Ever

  1. Brian says:

    This is one of the stops on our short list. I’m in the D.F. to marry the most amazing woman, who is Mexican. I just read the last several weeks of posts and was amused to find how often I resonated with them. I have to say that I love coming here and I find the traffic exhilarating! Working through immigration for the wedding permit has been challenging but the personnel have been very helpful, so far.

    Thanks for sharing the experience. I’m about to do the same. I just have to pick a host.

  2. margaret says:


    My mother passed away and I have her pre-columbian collection. There is one head (about 16″ by 9″) That I am having a hard time finding out about. She collected these before it was illegal! Do you think you could look at a picture and give me some insight?

    Thanks , Margaret

  3. francisco Hernandez says:

    I was looking at all the figurines in google images and remembed when i was in mexico with my parents in 1976. My farther was looking for his father in a small town in Michiacan. We found my grandfather and he was showing me how to use a plowing tool for his crops. When we had to stop, because the wooden plow was stuck and wood not budge. My grandfather pulled out his plowing tool from the ground to investigate what was causing it not to move,he then saw it was a figurine and did not whant to touch it, so i pulled it out of the ground and it was similar to the figurines in the photo.Thats all i have to comment on, do not have it any more,but i thought it mite interest someone elses curiosity. Thank You.

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