No Food Crisis Here in Mexico (Yet)

OK, to balance out my bitchy post from yesterday, something I REALLY LOVE about Mexico. Today we went to the Mercado Medellin, and bought:

– a mango

– a whole pineapple

– dozen key limes

– 4 ripe avocados

– 5 or 6 perfectly ripe roma tomatoes

– a bunch of cilantro

– a bunch of red lettuce

– a bunch of small white onions

– a bunch of hot chili peppers

– bouquet of flowers

– media-kilo of fresh hot corn tortillas (OK, at a stand near the mercado)

Total pricetag: $10 U.S. dollars (or 100 Mexican pesos.)

4 thoughts on “No Food Crisis Here in Mexico (Yet)

  1. Betty Victory says:

    Mmmmm, sounds good. Fresh hot corn tortillas, mmmmmm. I really like ripe pineapple, tambien! We have been getting lots of little tomatoes and some nice big ones from our plants. I have had to give some to the neighbors and sent Carmen home with some. Erik said he would like all that hot/spicy inexpensive food and, of course, the tequila tasting.

  2. DKN says:

    I now crave key limes!! I knew you people would spoil me! *shakes fist* So now I have to see if there is anyway to find them more often out here. I’m going to the store tonight…fingers crossed.

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