Oh No! Watch Out! It’s Tuesday…the 13th?

It’s a dark and stormy day here in Mexico City, and a crisp wind is blowing into our living room, adding to the drama that is today: Tuesday the 13.

*cue thunder claps, baying wolves and banging doors*

What ever do I mean? It’s a random and totally harmless Tuesday, right?

Well, no, not here in Mexico, and most of Latin America. Today is a very superstitious and peculiar day. In other words, if the Friday the 13th movies had been filmed in Latin America, they would have been named after today, martes trece. Today would be the day to see a random serial killer wearing a hockey mask…er, wait, there’s no hockey here so perhaps a… soccer jersey?…pacing the sidewalks, wielding a bloody machete, waiting to disembowel hot chicks.

Why Tuesday? Well, in Spanish lore, the word martes stems from Mars, the Roman god of war, and 13 is hated around the world, for reasons I don’t completely understand. Read more: Martes 13.

And be careful: I warned you!

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