Note to Self: You Can Order Jugo de Sandia – What Else Do You Need?

(My delicious jugo de sandia that I had with my lunch today.)

I live in two worlds each day: My English world (work, husband, a few friends) and my Spanish world (all errands, tasks, and daily living stuff). The transition is sometimes painful (a nasty mix of Spanglish sometimes comes streaming out of my mouth, before I can stop it) and sometimes delightful (discussing muñecas with an 8-year-old in the park who fell in love with Charlie, mi cucharrito.)

I constantly beat myself up for not knowing enough Spanish, or not using it enough. I forget, often, how my day goes, how I navigate around my neighborhood listening and speaking espanol without much effort. True, it’s not very advanced stuff — I’m not discussing the government’s recent decision to freeze prices of basic food items, but I’m at least getting shit done. Con una sonrisa.

Today, I took a lunch break and did the following, all in mi mundo de español.

– Fui a la tintorería (dry cleaners) y dejé mucha ropa. (Las van a estar listas el sabado!). Yo bromé con la dueña de tintorería sobre mi nombre. (Diciendo “Joy” es imposible para los Mexicanos.)
– Hice un reservation en el restaurante
(Dude, hacer kills me. Check out all the ways you can conjugate this damn verb.)
– Retiré efectivo del ATM
– Mandé comida rapida, y mientra que esperé, leí un artículo de noticias sobre de los jitomates con salmonella y del calentamiento del planeta
– Tambien, vi un cartel en el parque sobre una fiesta “M
éxico-Israel” con comida, musica y regalitos – el proximo Domingo!

3 thoughts on “Note to Self: You Can Order Jugo de Sandia – What Else Do You Need?

  1. Betty Victory says says:

    Joy, you and Brendan have done sooooo well with the espanol. Do not beat yourself up on this score!!! I am impressed with your writing in Spanish. I managed to understand most of what you wrote, so I give myself a teeny tiny little pat on the back.

    Yes, some of those verbs are killer. So funny about the “Joy” pronunciation thing. It has taken me at least 4 years to get Carmen to say it right and she picks up on the rest of English pretty quickly!

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