Guilty, Guilty Pleasure: Justin Timberlake

So, among all the glorious, hedonistic activities I participated in last week (Spa Castle, pedicures, Pinkberry, BBQ at Rub, Macy’s at Herald Square, lots of Hefeweizen, cab rides in gypsy cars with tan leather seats and “Sex and the City”) I finally got to watch the DVD performance of Justin Timberlake: FutureSex/LoveSounds Tour Live at Madison Square Garden, which was recorded last summer and aired many, many times on HBO, a channel we don’t have here in Mexico City (It’s available, we just refuse to pay for it.)

Anyway, yes, I can say it out loud now: I’m a JT fan. Until last week, I was semi-closeted — only revealing my fanaticism to those I could entrust, mostly other JT fans, like Kristin my co-worker (who saw him LIVE last summer, and came to work the next day with a hoarse voice. I was broiling with envy, of course.)

As time passed, it got harder to cover up such a huge secret. It slipped out little by little, like when I swallowed my pride and I asked my poor father-in-law to Tivo it for me. No luck, he could record it on VHS, but a DVD wouldn’t work b/c of copyright protection, and we have no VCR player.

After that failed, I started scouring the Mexico City Eje Central market — known for its fabulous high-quality pirated DVDs (*cough* not that we’d ever buy such a thing) — for signs of JT. No luck there, either.

So, in preparation for flying up to NYC, I had this rapturous idea: Ask Dora to put it at the top of her Netflix list. Being a JT fan, too, she had no problem fulfilling my request.




*squealing like a 12-year-old* He’s so awesome!

When the song, “My Love,” (in the video above) came on…Dora and I started singing out loud. And then when he suddenly switched to a different song – after only about 15 seconds — we screamed, simultaneously, “he’s teasing us! AGHHHH!!!” Which was followed by giggles, lots of them.

Brendan and John snorted at us. But we didn’t care, we were entranced.

….“If I wrote you a love note…would you smile at every word I wrote?”….

3 thoughts on “Guilty, Guilty Pleasure: Justin Timberlake

  1. DKN says:

    OK, I couldn’t stand it anymore!! I just plugged in my earphones and watched this at my desk. Just couldn’t stay away…

  2. alisa says:

    I am RIGHT THERE with you, sister. JT is pure candy. And boy, doesn’t it feel good to get out of that closet? All the pleasure without the guilt.

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