Spanish Words I Learned Watching “Philadelphia” at the Gym

  • lesiones (same meaning, but pronounced lee-see-oh-nehs)
  • sida (aids — it was such an epiphany today when I finally figured that out)
  • funerales (funerals, pronounced few-neh-rah-less)
  • tribunal (trial)
  • odio (hate)
  • temor (fear)
  • protesto (as in “Objection!” to a judge)
  • Sr senoria (your honor)

Even if you’ve never seen the movie, you sort of know what it’s about just by reading my little list.

Philadelphia, while not exactly inspiring me to exercise harder, is at least a good movie. This is rare, since my gym likes playing AXN, a shitty movie channel that seems to air a disproportionate amount of sad and bad movies.

Last week at the gym I watched the downright terrible Beyond Borders, where my least-favorite-actress Angelina Jolie goes to Africa and Cambodia to save starving children. The silver lining: It’s at least got Clive Owen, in it, too. And he does inspire one to exercise.

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