Bizarro World: It’s Not Summer Here in Mexico City

As I type this, battling the shivers, it’s 59 degrees and overcast…as it’s been for, well, the past few weeks. The high should be about 65 today. It’s the “rainy season” here in Mexico City, meaning it’s cold, dark and damp.

All the time.

I actually don’t mind it too much, but it’s wacky. 59 degrees? In July? in Mexico?

The rain brings out the good — giant snails in the park (why do I find snails so cute?), cleaner air and a reminder that I should appreciate the constant sunshine the rest of the year.

And then there’s the bad — more puddles, mud and insects. And shivering to stay warm.

6 thoughts on “Bizarro World: It’s Not Summer Here in Mexico City

  1. iapetus says:

    hehe, yes, I would be curious for the same perhaps, snails are cool!!, this is an interesting tidbit about the Mexico City, Mexico climate

    I’m in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A. & despite being plenty warm outside these days, I work in a place that’s so air-conditioned that I frequently get chilled.

  2. Joy says:

    As soon as it stops raining, I’ll go snail hunting. I think many are getting crushed by absent-minded (or careless) park pedestrians.

  3. nancy says:

    when we first moved here, the snails really came out all over our garden. when i realized what all those “crunch” noises were, i tried to walk very slowly. it would take me like 20 minutes to get to my office to the house!

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