A Photographical Ode to the Cabin

The lake at sunset.

As this summer approached, we couldn’t decide: go to the cabin or don’t go to the cabin?

Normally, we spend a few weeks each summer at Brendan’s parents’ cabin in Wisconsin, for as long as possible. And we bring the dog, Charlie.

But this summer, with us living here in Mexico City, we weren’t sure what to do. On one hand, we thought, the cabin could wait, because we live in Mexico, fergoodnesssakes, the land of beachy beaches, shiny sunshine, and margaritas. In a word, vacation. (Also, “importing” and “exporting” Charlie to the U.S. for just a week is tough and stressful, and it’s hard to imagine going to the cabin without him.)

But, on the other hand, the more we thought about it, the more we wanted to go, since Mexico is flooded out by the rainy season during the summer months. And, unlike staying in a hotel, or with friends, the cabin is ours to enjoy without anyone bothering us, while at the same time, we get to see our family.

So, yes, we have decided to go and, sadly, leave Charlie at the “pet resort.” We head up there this weekend, and my parents will be there, Brendan’s parents will be there, and Brendan’s sister and her boyfriend will be there. In fact, my parents and father-in-law are already at the cabin, actually — without us! *jealous!* (This post will also explain why I won’t be blogging or answering email or be online AT ALL).

Normally, we kayak, fish, drink beer, pluck raspberries, and in general, enjoy Mother Nature’s offerings. Every year we seem to find something new to do, too….

Dad with his catch on Lake Minerva

My dad shows off his catch on Lake Minerva.

Mom and me push off for a trip down the Namekagon.

Mom and I push off for a trip down the Namekagon River.

Last year my aunt Martha and Uncle Steven also came, along with Martha’s mom, Lavonne. With my parents, Brendan’s parents, and us, it was a big family gathering, and we all had a great time.

Last year, we rented a convertible. Awesome times.

Last summer we rented a lovely convertible. Here we're all piling into the thing in front of the Hole in the Wall Casino.

Of course, Brendan’s been going to the cabin all his life.

Brendan on the lake

Brendan on the lake, '07.

And his sister, Suzanne, too:

Suzanne and I sing "Ob La Di, Ob La Da" at The Last Cast Tavern.

Suzanne and I sing "Ob La Di, Ob La Da" at The Last Cast Tavern. We're not the least bit drunky-poo.

As if the relaxing family time isn’t enough for cherished cabin memories, It’s also where we got married (on a whim):

Post-wedded bliss.

Post-wedded bliss.

And of course, it’s hard for me to blahg about the cabin without thinking of how much Charlie loves it:

Charlie stops fishing - for just a moment - at the cabin

Charlie stops fishing - for just a moment - at the cabin last summer. (Photo by Mr. Bob)

Charlie wants to play. (Photo by Suzanne).

Charlie wants to play. (Photo by Suzanne).

So, yes, I love the cabin, and I’m very grateful Brendan’s parents let me and my family enjoy it every year. Thanks Martie and Bob — and see you soon!

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