No Minifaldas, Por Favor: Groups in Mexico Condemn Miniskirts

Oh boy. I’ve already discussed racial issues this week — do I really want to go here?

Here goes: Another eye opener. I’ve seen two news stories this week about how bad miniskirts are for women.

First, a university in the state of Sinaloa wants its female students to stop wearing miniskirts in order to prevent the chances of being raped or harassed.


Second, the Archdiocese of the Catholic church issued some sort of publication recently that stressed the importance of modesty, and the evil of miniskirts. Again, in order to prevent harassment, and of course, to preserve piety. They also urge women to not engage in dirty jokes.

Sighing again.

If only the banning of types of clothing would prevent rape. Or harassment. Or derogatory remarks.

If only it were that simple, right?

If only.

4 thoughts on “No Minifaldas, Por Favor: Groups in Mexico Condemn Miniskirts

  1. DKN says:


    It blows my mind that this mindset is still so prevalent. Several years back a co-worker of mine who has a teenage daughter told me once that she had given her daughter a speech about how she should dress at school and while she’s hanging out with her friends in order to avoid being harassed and/or raped. I certainly shared my POV that rape is about control & violence, not sexual desire, and that women are for more likely to be attacked by a family member or someone they know than a complete stranger. As we were discussing this (at the desk, using a lot of discretion, of course) our temporary mail woman came in who we both know and trust so the discussion continued in front of her as it was trailing off, me certainly not letting go of my opinion. As I mentioned my last point that “warning” girls about their clothes actually makes them more vulnerable in certain situations because they aren’t watching their back that way and it makes them inclined to believe that it was their fault, etc our mail woman chimed in with “Yeah clothes ain’t got shit to do with it. I was fully clothed when I was raped.” We stopped. I said “I’m sorry, we shouldn’t even be talking about this, it’s inconsiderate…” and she said “No, no! It’s cool. People should talk about this and I’m OK now. I was jogging in central park when it happened a long time ago…I was all sweaty and gross and decked out in sweats head to toe. Like I said – clothing means nothing. If a man’s going to rape, he’s going to rape.”

    So it’s really very simple. And I don’t understand why people can’t wrap their heads around it.

  2. MM says:

    I get that rape isn’t about miniskirts; I’ve been arguing that since the ’60s (or was it the ’70s?).
    But here’s a related (I think) question: What is the point of putting prepubescent girls in sexually provocative clothing? I’m not thinking skirt length, but gut/butt/chest-revealing. I find it incredibly creepy, yet it’s standard fare in all the stores. There’s something I’m not getting.

  3. DKN says:

    I think it’s creepy, too. And its everywhere which is even more creepy. And people keep buying that crap, assuming the parents are involved in the shopping process, turning their daughters into cocktail waitresses – I just don’t get it. Tween fashion is out of control to the hoochiest degree.

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