Recently Discovered: Awesome New Blog Guanabee

So, after I introduced my readers to El Compayito, a Mexican hand puppet who is serving as a sports correspondent for the Olympics (yes, you read that right) I noticed a new blog linking to me: Guanabee.

It’s awesome. Witty, smart, funny, and on-target. (“Jack Weil, the man credited with popularizing the “Western shirt” — favored today by rockabillies, old Mexican men and lesbians — has died at the age of 107”).

It’s awesome also because they think like yo, noticing all the strange racist undertones of the Olympics coverage on Latin television. They even now have a running series: “Latinos Hate Asians.”

Part 1: Oh My: Spain Shows Us How They Feel About The Chinese
Part 2: Not To Be Outdone, The Spanish Olympic Tennis Team Proves They, Too, Are Good At Racism
Part 3: Inés Gómez Mont Makes Chinese People Say “Ferrocarril” And Other Spanish R Words
Part 4: “El Compayito” Is A Handy, Utterly Mortifying Little Reporter

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