The Worst Seasickness EVER?

When I first heard this news on the radio this morning, I immediately felt queasy:

Coast Guard Launches Search for Freighter Stranded in Ike’s Path

“The U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Army launched a rescue mission this morning to save the 22 crew members on a Cypriot freighter loaded with petroleum coke that was wallowing helplessly some 90 miles southeast of Galveston as Hurricane Ike continues its approach, the Coast Guard said.

‘It’s very similar to being on a continuous roller coaster,” said David Weathers, an executive board member for American Maritime Officers. “It’s very, very hard to move – very, very hard to do anything.”

When I was 18, and a volunteer with the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network, I went out to sea with a group of marine biologists who were releasing, Xeno, a dolphin. In the previous months, we had nursed him back to health from near death. (I basically spent my senior year of high school next to his tank recording his respirations or stuffing medicines into frozen fish.)

On the day of Xeno’s release, we went out on a large UT research boat into 20-foot seas. Within minutes, my stomach and head were spinning and churning as if I was, well, on 20-foot seas. There is NOTHING that makes the dizziness go away, since the horizon looks like the long, hellish end of a see-saw. I foolishly took Dramamine and all that did was keep me from vomiting, I was still incredibly sick.

So, these poor souls stuck on this freighter in what meteorologists are saying may produce the worst storm surge in Texas in 100 years? I just simply can’t imagine the hell.

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