No Mas? Beloved Old-School VW Beetles in Mexico City

My father-in-law couldn't resist the lure of the vocho taxi and snapped this great shot.

My father-in-law took this great shot of a VW on the Eje Central near chocolateria el morro.

It’s with a somewhat sad heart that I read this: Mexico City set to kick out Volkswagen Beetles

I’ve always loved how Mexico City (and many cities of Mexico) are crawling with old-style VW beetles. As a pre-teen, I used to fantasize that my first car would be a red convertible VW bug. (That or a baby blue Jaguar. Teens are fickle). There’s something inherently cute and comical about them, and they definitely fit right into the Mexico City psyche — cheap, compact, efficient, noisy.

But it’s that noisy part that’s bad — those engines in the “vochos” (as they’re called here and also spelled “bocho”) are bad for the environment and not remotely fuel-efficient. So the city is planning to replace the vocho taxis with newer models. Proudly, I have already done my part for posterity — I’ve ridden in a taxi VW beetle in Mexico City not once, but twice.

It would be so cool if they auctioned ’em on eBay. A girl can dream, no?

My favorite VW Beetle I’ve spotted so far in Mexico:

It's a stretch bocho!

It's a stretch vocho!

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