Things I Like about Going Home to South Texas

In a week, I head up north to South Texas for a full week. I love going to visit, it’s so relaxing. After living in NYC and now Mexico City, it’s like an escape to another, calmer world. Some things I like:

  • iced tea served everywhere, and refilled frequently
  • migas breakfast plates (scrambled eggs, peppers, onions, tomatoes and crushed up tortilla chips, served with refried beans and super-thick, warm flour tortillas)
  • the wide, quiet streets & overall lack of traffic
  • spicy, smoked beef jerky
  • the warm air, the high humidity and the gusty winds – always occurring together, always bad for hair.
  • the smell of the salt grass on the sand dunes of Padre Island
  • plush carpeting in my parents’ house
  • jalapeno hush puppies

Things I love even more now that I have lived in Mexico City for a year:

  • (relatively) safe tap water and ice
  • people who speak English
  • giant drugstores like CVS
  • breakfast burrito bars at gas stations
  • cops who are basically trustworthy
  • Old Navy and Target and Ross Dress for Less and all the oh-so-cheap clothes/shoestores.
  • anything you could ever need is at HEB

6 thoughts on “Things I Like about Going Home to South Texas

  1. BV says:

    We are so excited and happy you are coming to visit. Funny how CC can look a little better after living in big, stressful cities……

  2. Ed Darrell says:

    But, please, God, save us from the humidity and heat!

    I’m also not overly fond of the giant drugstores. I use them, I appreciate them for what they are, but they are out to get my money, often with cheap stuff. I think they soak poor people who cannot drive to shop for better prices.

    I suspect all of Texas would be better if HEB were statewide. We have a couple of Central Markets up here in Dallas, which is HEB’s high-falutin’ brand — and they are wonderful.

    Texas is the only state in the union where a good supermarket will stock macaroni formed in the shape of the state. Who would ever want to eat Maryland shaped macaroni?



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