6 thoughts on “More Obama Insensitivity in Mexican Media

  1. angelbc says:

    The magazine may be in spanish and sold here, but the author of the article mentioned in the cover – John Ross, doesn’t sound particularly mexican. In any case it is just a translation of a piece originally published in the U.S.

    R&R is actually a music magazine 🙂 Check it out here . You will be able to see the actual pages of the magazine. As I suspected the actual article mentioned in the cover is a translation of this other article . As I said, not very mexican in its source.

    Just doing the fact-checking on this things 😉

  2. Joy says:

    I’m taking issue with the headline.

    The original article’s headline was “Obama in Bedlam.”

    The Mexican editors of R&R decided to use a far more tacky headline.

  3. angelbc says:

    I have to agree on that, although I have to say that they didn’t have to be particularly creative as the author writes the following lines in the original article :

    “…, he does not consider that Obama himself is a slave, a slave to Wall Street and General Motors and Big Oil and Big Ethanol, a slave to the War Machine and U.S. Imperialism and Israel, a slave to We’re Number One jingoism, avarice, and greed and the American Nightmare…”

    And the rest of the paragraph goes in similar lines 😦

    So, yes they certainly could have chosen something else for the cover, actually just a couple of quotes would have done the trick, but considering the nature of the text in question, I’d say it’s the lesser of the evils. Curiously enough, they used the original title for the article inside the magazine.

    So: Trying to sell more mags by putting a controversial subject in the cover and making it artificially even more controversial? Guilty as charged 100%. Racist? I have to wonder. Read the original article and judge by yourselves.

    Personally, I found the article far more disturbing than the cover by a large margin 😦

  4. Joy says:

    Disclosure: I haven’t mustered the energy to read it, but it sounds like I’m not missing much! Too bad R&R Magazine thought it was worthy of translating and re-printing.

  5. Betty Victory says:

    In one way or another, it appears the whole world economy is very influenced by Wall Street, etc. I do hope that this economic downturn forces much more ethical behavior of the business world. Lets face it, avarice is alive and well all over the globe.

    Good grief, let’s give Obama a chance—he certainly can’t be any worse than what we have had! In fact his rhetoric sounds like someone who wants transparency and accountability in the financial world. To me, this article (and its title) are, at best, jumping to conclusions.

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