Mexico City: Surrealism on a Daily Scale

Salvador Dali said “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.

Mexico City could equally say the same. I’ve been here 17 months or so; I tend to forget how freaking weird the place is. Then, usually when I know I have visitors coming, I’ll start to look at the city with a fresh eye again, seeing it as they’ll see it.

Last night, on my two-minute walk to the gym, I encountered the following:

– A “flamboyant” young man in pink sunglasses and white denim jacket singing “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” in Spanish.

– A giant man precariously but stubbornly riding a tiny bicycle.

– A four-year-oldish girl playing with her mom on the stoop of her apartment in a t-shirt declaring “Soy Muneca” (I’m a doll).

– A Honda Civic for sale. The flyer posted in the car’s window said: “Se Vende. Soy GUAPA, no? y muchaaaa experiencia!” (For Sale. I’m hot, no?…and very experienced.)

Speaking of surreal. This is hilarious, but not exactly safe for viewing at work:

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