I Neglected to Mention…

I wuz here:

Yes! I went to the BIGGEST concert of my life this week — Radiohead at ForoSol in Mexico City — 70,000 people strong. It was fantastic, and the crowd was awesome. They played some great songs, and this one was amazing live:

Radiohead’s “The Bends” was an album I listened to obsessively in college; it helped me study and remember things like what nephrons do and how to conjugate German verbs.

And, as I’ve already told Brendan about a dozen times, I had to produce a 15-minute television show my senior year of college for a class called, aptly, Television Production. I decided to do a show similar to Austin City Limits, and placed an ad in my college paper (where I worked, of course, as the news editor) for a band to star in my show (I billed it as a possible audition tape they could hand out to book gigs).

I picked a band that played Radiohead covers. How it went: After they play two songs on a softly lit sound stage, and end with “Karma Police,” the lights dim, the credits roll, starting with “Produced by: Joy Victory”… all the while the lead singer repeating “for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myyyyseeeelffff” until the credits stopped. My classmates were speechless — it was flawless — unlike everyone else’s show that semester. *Patting self on back, still, after all these years*

I made an A. The key being that simplicity is always better.

(I wish I could unearth that VHS video, probably stored at my parents’ house.)

Anyway, enough of my brief moment of glory. Back to the concert — I also loved the opening act, the German techno-pioneers Kraftwerk. My favorite live song was the Tour de France. So beautiful.

(If you see Kraftwerk live, you’ll be signing “We…. Are….the Robots” with a German accent, for at least a week ).

4 thoughts on “I Neglected to Mention…

  1. Sue says:

    Um, can I say… JEALOUS?! O and I wanted to go, but we lazied out at the last minute. We’re working on U2 Chicago tix; it’s going to be madness.

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