Flu Outbreak in Mexico Adds Apocalyptic Touch

Are pigs to blame for the freaky flu outbreak in Mexico? <sub>By Flickr user pau.cc</a>

Are pigs to blame for the freaky flu outbreak in Mexico? (By Flickr user pau.cc)

About a year ago, I was walking down a street in Condesa with Brendan and friends Jesica and Erik. A massive storm had just blown through Mexico City, and tree limbs and leaves were making it hard to walk. Needless to say, the power was out in most of the city, so traffic was reaching an unprecedented cacophony.

“It often feels so apocalyptic here,” I said to Erik, speaking not only of the tendency for city services to come to a screeching halt after a thunderstorm, but the two earthquakes I had experienced in only a few months’ time. (And looming nearby are two beautiful but very powerful volcanoes.)

“That’s why I like it,” he said, with a big grin.

And now, after a spring filled with widespread water shortages, the city wakes up to the news that school is cancelled today due to a mysterious flu outbreak. Officials are wondering if it’s connected to the swine flu cases in California.

It came out of nowhere — yesterday was a normal day. Today: Bam, schools closed, people dying, traffic quiet. What the?

An email from Brendan: “don’t have physical contact with anyone today!” I sneezed this morning, and thought: Oh, no. Then: Oh, puh-leeze.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Apocalypto, you’d know this ain’t a new thing. Mexico always seems to be teetering on the edge — yesterday traffic was snarled for hours after a roof collapsed near our neighborhood — but a flu outbreak is taking it to a whole new level of discomfort. Earthquakes I can feel, flu germs – yikes.

2 thoughts on “Flu Outbreak in Mexico Adds Apocalyptic Touch

  1. angelbc says:

    Traveling in the subway has now become an extreme sport. God knows if your standing to the next flu casualty. All bets are off!!!

    It’s going to be an interesting weekend. Twitter is bursting with comments about this, a few of them actually good jokes.

    Let’s see how things look on monday.

    Mexico City 2009: No science-fiction writer could have thought this one up

  2. Tere says:

    Hey Joy,
    Hope all is treating you well. I had to come see what you wrote so I had a better idea of what was going on..lol I am in the states on vacation now for few months then back home to Tlalpan.
    Hubby said the hospital was full of people and the face masks are out in full force. Currently he is in the center of it with his mom in the hospital for observation of a different thing.
    Funny how people here say they wonder if it came from Mexico and Mexico says they wonder if it came from the cases in the USA..
    Now if they would eliminate that thinking, they might be able to work together and find a cure or solution.. yah right.. Thanks for the post as always. Tere

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