Is It Any Wonder? Man-in-Wig Gets His Fondle On in Mexico Subways

Before we ponder why he might have been compelled to do so, let’s take a look at the lovely “lady” who was arrested this week in Mexico City for:

1. Dressing as a woman, meaning he put on a wig – una peluca (I know this useless bit of vocabulary b/c of the plethora of wig stores by my house) and a dress.

2. Sneaking on to the women’s-only cars of the Mexico City subway.

3. Touching women inappropriately.


Hmmmm. He looks too sweaty to be one of us lady-folk.

….But wait, perhaps what helped him first go unnoticed was not his face, but his his female-like height:

Unfortunately, all the police here seem to carry guns this big -- not just for fondlers.

Unfortunately, all the police here seem to carry guns this big -- not just for fondlers.

OK, yes, he blends in better now. (Although few males I know would look masculine standing next to those robots.)

Even if you don’t read Spanish, the video on El Universal‘s site is worth watching — could the music be more dramatically ridiculous? And the police definitely wanted the guy to feel humilated — forcing him to take his wig on and off, just in case you had any doubt that the lady was indeed a tramp.

As I read through the story (understanding little, by the way), I scrolled down to read the comments. One person’s comment made me laugh: Aye! That’s my mother-in-law! And then I felt bad, because this guy had been out fondling women, and that’s creepy and gross and shouldn’t be funny, but kind of is. Especially given his method of approach.

Then I kept scrolling down, and I snorted. Is it any wonder the world is what it is? I thought. Here’s what appeared:


In case you can’t see that clearly, it’s a story on 1) Britney semi-nude, 2) Rihanna’s mini bikini and 3) some perfect-skinned woman named Sofia who doesn’t seem to have anything important to say, but she’s got a great smile, no?

In sum, that’s tits, ass, and a great smile.


5 thoughts on “Is It Any Wonder? Man-in-Wig Gets His Fondle On in Mexico Subways

  1. angelbc says:

    Oh, what would the tabloid scene in Mexico City look like without “El Grafico”? The go-to guy where bad taste/sensacionalism and skin are concerned. Although I personally think “Metro” tops it half the time. I saw the best headline today : “Trio Frio” – about three guys found shot outside the city.

    I wonder who comes up with those jewels.

  2. Frank says:

    Speaking of public humiliations, don’t you think the two masked, helmeted, Kevlar-clad commandos pointing high-powered weapons at…well, at a shrimpy little perv in a wig and a dress, feel a little, I dunno, silly?

    Of course, I haven’t clicked through to the video yet, so maybe he killed and ate the last four guys who were guarding him.

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