Combatting the Piggy Sniffle with a Bacon Birthday Party in Mexico City

In a few hours, I’ll be getting on a plane to embark on a mini-vacation to San Francisco with my husband. Yes, we’ll be wearing our N95 face masks the entire flight, and furiously wiping our hand with sanitizer every few nano-seconds. No, we won’t tell anyone in San Francisco we’re visiting from Mexico City. Take that, John MCcain and other crazy Arizona politicians who want to close the border. (I’m not sure he’s aware that there are more than 2 million Americans who live in Mexico for work and/or personal reasons? Is he going to quarantine us, his fellow countrymen?)

Anyhoodles, before I leave, I wanted to alert your attention to the highlight of my morning, this fantastic blog post from my fellow American-Mexican friend, Julie. She decided to throw a bacon-and-pork themed birthday party for her friend, Ben. (My only dismay about this post is that I wasn’t invited!) The post includes their journey to Costco, which was surprisingly calm, despite media reports that grocery stores have turned into a scene from Blackhawk Down.

Enjoy: Pig Flu Mexico City Day 6: in which we decide to eat lots of Bacon

4 thoughts on “Combatting the Piggy Sniffle with a Bacon Birthday Party in Mexico City

  1. Mary says:

    Please be sure to let us know how you manage to eat the little bag of airline peanuts through your mask!! 😉

    Safe travels, and sending you “no-flu” vibes.

    (and I DEFINITELY agree that if people ask you where you’re visiting from, don’t say Mexico!!)

  2. itzel says:

    hi Joy, i really enjoy reading your blog, makes me wish I was back in Mexico City, I was born and raised there but unfortunately like so many Mexicans my parents decided to migrate to California. I now, find myself wanting to move back. What advice can you give me? How can I begin to look for trabajo? I’m a college grad and I am bilingual (great oral and written skills)I’ve lived in So. Cal for 20 yrs now, and there isn’t a day when I miss my beautiful city
    I’m ready for a move!

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