I Finally Obtain Cheddar Cheese in Mexico City; Charlie Spazzes

A few weeks ago, I went to Costco with friend and fellow blogger Julie. I had heard the rumors that Costco sells certain food items largely unattainable in Mexico City, chief among them extra-sharp cheddar cheese. I have made it no secret that I get a little woozy in the presence of good cheddar, and since I am uber tired of Mexican cheeses (they are fairly bland), I could resist no longer. I bought a giant block of Vermont’s finest, AKA Cabot’s Vintage Choice white cheddar.

[“Vintage Choice rests in our cellars until it reaches perfect maturity. It boasts a rich, full-bodied, extra-sharp flavor that is wonderfully delicious. Complex in taste and texture, opulent and full of nuances. Its powerful intensity lingers like a sweet memory.” Editor’s Note: Indeed.]

Everyday since then, I’ve sliced a little bit off and savored it. When done, I carefully place Saran wrap around the block and place it lovingly back in the fridge. “Tomorrow, we meet again,” I whisper to it. “Tenemos una cita, amorcito.

Tonight, I decided to splurge and have a white wine (a Portugese vinho verde — another thing Julie introduced me, to, and tengo un mil gracias por eso)  and cheddar cheese dinner.

Normally, when Charlie is in the presence of anything that tastes even a smidge better than his normal kibble, he begins an elaborate begging dance to get a scrap. But if his humans ignore him, he will give up, eventually.

But not tonight. I had thoughtlessly left behind a tiny piece of cheddar and was settling into read a friend’s short story for my writing workshop. He kept bumping into me as I tried to read. WTF? Oh, the cheese, I realized.

He spent a very long time calculating the distance between the sofa and the cheese,.

He spent a very long time calculating the distance between the sofa and the tiny bit of cheese.

I eat crappy kibble all day, is it really so hard to just give me this?

"I eat crappy kibble all day. Please, woman."

"Just give me the fucking cheese already."

"SIGH. Just give me the fucking cheese already."

Finally, I relented and handed it to him.

He gobbled it up and then jumped off the couch and preceded to circle the coffee table.

Just making sure it's all gone.

"Just making sure it's all gone."

Later, I spotted him by the doorway, licking and sniffing his paws (he often holds treats with his paws before eating them).

Right now I think he’s retired to the bedroom, and will soon fall asleep, dreaming of cheddar.

10 thoughts on “I Finally Obtain Cheddar Cheese in Mexico City; Charlie Spazzes

  1. Bob Mrotek says:

    I am a cheddar freak myself and when I began reading your post I experience uncontrollable pangs of salivating. I will probably have dreams tonight of being reincarnated as your little doggie. For my (possible) sake, please give Charlie another little piece of extra sharp cheddar. Muchísimas gracias 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    hahaha I love it. I am so glad that via the magic of our Costco card, I could open up this world of cheddar to both you and Charlie!! BTW, I think you have me convinced to deviate from my ghetto Kirkland-brand cheddar & splurge on the Cabot cheddar…. my moments with my cheddar are not nearly as hot as yours.

    Also, hopefully this cheese reward has almost erased from your memory the battle you had to endure to get it on a Sunday afternoon at Costco (never again do we go that day…never again…). 😉

  3. Eduardo says:

    Hello Joy!
    Been following your adventures in Mexico City for a while, it’s nice to see Mexico City trough the eyes of someone ho’s lived in other big cities and bravest deed is being a foreigner and deciding to make Mexico City your home. Even I get goosebumps when someone tells me I have to go to Mexico City (but then I haven’t left my hometown on many ocasions). Ah but I’m wandering off topic, yeah Cheddar, it so happens that I love the flavor of Cheddar and whenever I asked for it on a restaurant I instead got shredded yellow cheese 😦 until Carrefour at first introduced Sharp NY Cheddar and then my local COSTCO introduced their KS brand Cheddar and now Tillamook’s… I’ll have to go and buy some for me… yummie

    Great Day to You and Brendan

  4. Lesley says:

    Yay! I got the SAME CHEDDAR when I went with Julie last month. And oooooh yeah. You’re right. It’s damn good. I started off savoring it like you, and then I was like, “What am I doing? We have a huge block here!” And so now I only have about a fourth of the block left. Bought stupid old queso Oaxaca this morning, because I didn’t want to use my precious cheddar in a casserole, and it’s just not the same.

  5. ElTacoNaco says:

    Your posts reminds me of a French friend of mine who would often lament that he couldn’t get his repugnantly funky French cheeses in the States. He once left some cheese on his car’s dashboard in order to get it funky enough to eat.

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