After a Busy Week, to Texas I Go

I’m spending this week in steamy, hot Corpus Christi, Texas, chillaxin’ with my folks and attending a wedding. This comes on the heels of a week-long visit from NYC BFF Concetta and her man H, both of whom showed tireless energy to see as much of Mexico City as possible. In a week’s time, they:

-ate tacos al pastor (moments after arriving from the airport!)

-toured San Angel’s Bazar Sabado conmigo, then later were happy to tag along to have Korean food and chelas with 10+ foreigners (and me), despite being on a Mexican vacation

-walked all over La Roma, then walked west on Reforma to the Anthropology Museum and then boarded the metro to the centro and ate cabrito — in one afternoon!

-as every good tourist should, visited the Zocalo, and later had Yucatecan tacos (so fracking good, people), panuchos and beers with me and B

-climbed the pyramids at Teotihuacan, then had more tacos

-took an overnight trip to the breathtaking mountain town of Taxco, stayed at romantic/quaint Mi Casita

-had a humongous Argentinian meal with us, including steaks, fries and two bottles of Casa Madero cab sav

-One day I got to hoard Concetta all to myself, and we spent the day in Coyoacan, visiting Frida Kahlo’s blue house, before some fierce shopping and eating chiles en nogada at El Morral. (THEY HAVE REALLY GOOD CHILES EN NOGADA, YA’LL!) We also squeezed in cafes from El Jarocho, and gabbed while sitting/people-watching on a bench in the plaza.

-We spent one evening at my favorite restaurant in Mexico City, La Embajada Jarocha (comida veracruzana), where we ate coconuts and plantains stuffed with seafood, and Connie and her man joined in w/ the crowd, and danced to tropical music provided by a string of rotating bands.

Now I’m in slow-paced Corpus Christi, enjoying American amenities like safe drinking water, Target and salad bars.

Life is good, people. I’m a lucky lady to have good friends, good times and a great life.

3 thoughts on “After a Busy Week, to Texas I Go

  1. Lesley says:

    Wow! I love enthusiastic visitors. Also enjoyed Korean food with them… hope they had a safe trip back.

    How was the El Jarocho coffee? Should I believe the hype?

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