Have Love, Will Travel

All day, I listen online to WFUV.org while I work.

The people at FUV love music, and it shows. At least once a day I hear a new song I adore.

Today’s song seems especially apt for a gal like me:

This is a cover of an old song by Richard Berry, and it’s fabulous. Turn it up, folks. If I had a garage, and an infinite amount of money, I’d hire The Black Keys to play. We’d have a keg, some couches, and a great night in el garaje.

The Black Keys in general, rock my socks and they are an anazing cover band…(and if you’re about to tell me something like “whatever, Joy, they’ve been around forever,” and “what hole have you been hiding in?” My answer: I’ve been living in Mexico, fool. The internets are truly god’s gift to the world, but they don’t overcome all distance barriers).

Another excellent cover:

As soon as I hit publish on this blog post, I’m headed to iTunes to buy one of their album, which I will then load onto my iPod and take with me on my walk tonight to Bistro Arlequin to meet with my writing group, during which I will torture Chilangos peatones with refrains of “Have Love, Will Travel….”

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