Enjoying Mexico City’s Rare Quiet Times

On a day-to-day basis, you’ll find me sitting at my home office, five flights up, editing articles while periodically stopping to watch two hummingbirds duke it out for the nectar in the feeder.  In some ways, I get to hover above all the clamor (which is constant). Still, the city finds a way to interrupt me, whether that be via huge trucks that rattle the apartment or street vendors who ring the doorbell.

Right now, though, the city is far more peaceful than normal, since many residents don’t have to work until the New Year. Along with Easter week (Semana Santa), it’s the quietest time of the year.

If only this could last much, much longer.

Parque Mexico, blissfully free of screaming kids and dogs running around off the leash.

OK, but there still are balloon sellers and couples making out (PDA is a favorite Mexican past time).

A fruit vendor, bored.

I took all these photos while walking my dog. Ordinarily there are way too many distractions for me to do both at the same time.

I did find a bit of activity inside Foro Lindbergh, a big plaza inside the park. Various local designers were selling jewelry, clothes and other arts/crafts. Typical of my ultra-cool ‘hood, there was also loud, hip music. Although it was a perfect day (70 degrees, a slight breeze, no humidity), it was tranquilo.

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