That Damn Perro Is Ladrando, AGAIN?

Among the many sweeping generalizations I like to make about Mexicans is the one about their incredibly high tolerance for noise…

…as evidenced stateside by visiting any New York City bar patronized mostly by Mexicans — the jukebox will be set to “decibel level: ear bleed.”

…as evidenced by visiting any small Mexican town, where blaring music and constant fireworks make for a lovely night of little sleep.

…and, more close to home, as evidenced by our neighboring building, where a dog has been barking — nay, shrieking — almost non-stop for the past few weeks, I’m guessing afflicted with a raging case of separation anxiety.

Fortunately, I can turn on my internet radio and mostly ignore the shrieks. But I don’t understand why the more immediate neighbors haven’t staged a hunt, and released el perrito so it can join the many ranks of dogs who end up on “¿Me has visto?” posters around the park (which is due mostly to idiot dog owners refusing to use leashes, and that’s another rant, for another day).

Anyway, I was reminded of this by the always-terrific Onion:

Tiny Dog Has Been Barking Nonstop For 6 Years

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