Why You Should Stop Visiting Sea World

Scientists say dolphins should be treated as ‘non-human persons’

“The researchers argue that their work shows it is morally unacceptable to keep such intelligent animals in amusement parks or to kill them for food or by accident when fishing.”

Why spend a shit-ton of money at places like Sea World when it's easy to find happy, non-captive baby dolphins (and their watchful mothers)? This pair was spotted near the marina at Port Aransas, Texas. (Photo by Betty V.)

One thought on “Why You Should Stop Visiting Sea World

  1. Steven says:

    EXACTLY! Thank you! Have you ever watched the documentary The Cove? I spent a week in Taiji last November documenting the dolphin slaughter, and I firmly believe that without the financial support the fishermen recieve from selling dolphins into captivity, they wouldn’t be able to survive on the sale of dolphin meat alone. If they can’t profit, there’s no reason to kill, and it could come to an end. Until people who profess their love for dolphins quit giving money to corporations who exploit the dolphins, there will continue to be slaughters in Taiji. Thanks again for sharing this article!

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