If All Weekends Could Be Like This (AKA “We Heart Ixtapa”)

When it’s 40 degrees outside and you have no central heat, your mind starts telling you desperate things like “You live in Mexico and you’re cold? Hijole! That’s not right. Don’t you think you should plan a last-minute weekend trip to someplace warm?”

If you’re smart (and lucky enough to have the resources to plan such a trip), you’ll listen to that inner demon, and get thee to someplace warm and scenic (right now, the former is strangely hard to find, and the latter, as always, is everywhere).

For us, we decided it was time to visit Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, on the Pacific Coast, north of Acapulco. We lucked out and got a cheap-ass room via Priceline, at the normally spendy Hotel Las Brisas. The hotel is situated on a nearly private beach, halfway between uber-touristy Ixtapa and more relaxed Zihuatanejo. I definitely recommend the hotel, just be warned that they do price-gouge you. Example: Only breakfast option was 220 pesos per person. We’d definitely go back, but first load up on breakfast items at the grocery store before checking in, and then stashing them in the in-room fridge.

From Mexico City, the flight is only 45 minutes long. We left the city at 2:30 and we were all checked in by 4:05 p.m. on Friday! And what welcomed us?

First, the view, which I spent many of my waking hours admiring:

Purrrty shades of ocean blue

Then, we down went to the beach, and randomly got to take part in the hotel’s sea turtle hatchery program. We hadn’t even been in town for more than a couple of hours and already I was holding a baby sea turtle? QUE AWESOME!

“Let me go, woman!”

Saturday, we opted to spend the whole day at the beach, swimming in the big waves (but not overly big, just enough to be fun/thrilling). From our beach chairs, the view again, was not too shabby:

And then later, we went into “Zihua” for dinner:

We had a nice meal at La Sirena Gorda — the fat mermaid — where I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the artwork. (Becoming a fat mermaid is sorta a lifelong goal of mine.)

And we had some drinks and conversation with locals at El Senor de las Chelas:

On Sunday, before our return flight, we spent a couple more hours on the beach, chillaxing.

Last but not least, the Las Brisas property is startingly chock-full of nature. We watched a coatimundi crawl up the hotel walls, and I spotted a fat-daddy iguana fall out of a cactus. In addition, we saw several pairs of black-throated magpie jays, saw Chachacalas climbing up the hillside, and were surrounded by lots of yellow-winged Caciques.
I don’t know if these animals have been intentionally trucked in to maximize guests enjoyment, but it definitely enhanced our weekend.

5 thoughts on “If All Weekends Could Be Like This (AKA “We Heart Ixtapa”)

  1. Lesley says:

    Looks beautiful. I’d heard Ixtapa was super touristy, but it looks like you guys had a quiet, relaxing time. You sold me on Las Brisas… need to keep my eye out for a deal!

  2. mary claire says:

    “El Señor de las Chelas” and “La Sirena Gorda” …? Hilarious. Does anyone keep track of the amazing restaurant/bar names in this country? I’m filing these along with “Pollo Sport” and “El Gato Volador.” Glad you escaped the cold!

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