Mexico, It’s Been Damn Fun, But We’re Moving On

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At the end of March, we’ll be packing up our things (and our dog) and moving back  to New York City, aka la gran manzana.

We’ve still got some great Mexican travel planned over the next couple of months, which will help keep my mind off how I’m actually going to have to say good-bye to  tacos al pastor.

6 thoughts on “Mexico, It’s Been Damn Fun, But We’re Moving On

  1. Joy says:

    Well, if it helps, we have several instances in the next couple months when we’ll need a Charlie sitter….In fact, he is always available for temporary loans. Just let me know.

  2. Jim O'Hagen says:


    This is my first time commenting on a blog but I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading about your adventures and day to day life in Mexico and especially in DF. It’s a place I have wanted to move to for many years but work has always kept me in NYC.

    Thanks for providing some insight as well as a darn good read. And an early welcome back to New York.

    Kind Regards,

    Jim O’Hagen

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