Please, Have Some Yogurt. No, Really, I Insist

In anticipation of my in-laws’ arrival to Mexico City today, we ordered a bunch of groceries online from our local chain, Superama (sadly, owned by Wal-Mart, the biggest private employer in Mexico). We like to order online rather than go to the store because, unfortunately, the store is always crowded, and therefore as claustrophobic as the middle seat in an airplane with a kid kicking you from behind and two obese snorers on either side of you. Yeah, not fun.

No matter what, though, our online ordering always somehow goes a little awry. They won’t have something in stock, or they’ll send us incredibly un-ripe fruit.  This time, it was the size of the yogurts. We wanted the normal single-serving size that humans eat.

They sent us these instead (and we failed to notice on the invoice):

That's 8 kilograms of Alpura yoghurt in our fridge.


4 thoughts on “Please, Have Some Yogurt. No, Really, I Insist

  1. Obet says:

    For me is heaven, I can devour easily one liter a day; it is a pity that there are many of apple.

    Is it an Indio’ six pack caguama size what I see below?

  2. Lesley says:

    Do they not call you to double-check the order? They always call us and ask. Although half the time I can’t understand them… it’s super noisy for some reason.

    Maybe you can make some quick bread with all that stuff? Apple yogurt pancakes? 🙂

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