Bizarre February Flood in Mexico City

It’s supposed to be the peak of the dry season here. November through May equal blue skies and dry air — normally.

But no, it’s been raining for the past week, on and off, quite heavily at times. I don’t want to know what climactic forces are at hand to turn the weather patterns on top of themselves. As a result, many neighborhoods are flooding (the link is a photo slideshow of the damage), losing electricity and, trees are falling all over the place. Whenever it gets like this, I don’t like to walk outside, because there are so many limbs falling from the sky. The park becomes a tree graveyard (both for trees and potential humans caught beneath them).

Right now, while I was working, I heard a loud snap and saw a big rush of green dropping down. The gorgeous tree across from us — which is home to hundreds of birds — just lost a giant branch.  It had been looking very droopy these past two days, and the branches above are also leaning over, pointing down. They may go soon, too.

After the snapping sound, I went to the balcony to make sure no one was caught under the branch. Thankfully, it was cushioned by two smaller trees below it, and a driver parked immediately below the tree was OK — no giant branch ramming into his windshield, which would be my big fear. He backed out right after it happened and re-parked.

3 thoughts on “Bizarre February Flood in Mexico City

  1. Joy says:

    It floods sometimes, but the rain is less torrential. It’s the same amount most days, (every evening), rather than four days of heavy rain. It usually stops long enough to allow the city to drain.

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