What I’ll Miss, What I Can’t Wait For

Five weeks from today, I’ll be on a plane, moving back to New York City after nearly 29 months in Mexico City. Where to go next wasn’t an easy decision for us, and we’re still debating how we’ll live in NYC — buying a row house in the city, or maybe a country home out in the Catskills, or maybe not buy any real estate at all (meaning we’d rent until we made our mind up)? Quien sabe.

Anyway, I’ve been keeping a list of all the things I’ll miss and won’t miss about Mexico, as well as what I’m looking forward to and also dreading about NYC:

What I’ll miss about Mexico:

Day of the Dead

– fresh, ripe tropical fruit (dragonfruit, anyone?)

– grilled meat taco fillings served on fresh corn tortillas

– twice-weekly visits from the housekeeper (Brendan and I are both a little worried how we’re going to survive without her)

– my hummingbirds

– the cheap flowers at the Mercado Medellin

– the Mercado Medellin en general

La Embajada Jarocha

mis amigos

– my little writing group with Lesley and Catherine

– sharing Mexico with visitors

masajes en lugares hermosos

– our giant, sun-filled, cheap apartment

– and most of all, the beaches. Good god, Mexico, tus playas son increible, no?!!!

What I won’t miss:

– the frequent power outages and surges. My poor, poor computer has already had its motherboard replaced, and I am not sure if it can handle another shock to the system.

– the touchy elevator that broke down twice when several of our visitors were inside it

– bakeries and coffee shops that don’t open until 9 a.m.

– uber-wealthy Mexicans eating down the street from my apartment, while their bodyguards with large guns stand in front of my apartment.

– tipping people you don’t really want to tip; awkward money situations

– door-to-door solicitation, especially the men who “clean” the street drain, then demand money

– no central heat in apartment, unbearable coldness from November-February

unsafe drinking water/contaminated produce (hello giardia! salmonella! nice to meet you!)

– unsafe street cabs and pickpocketers on mass transit

– the difficulty of completing what should be easy tasks

– heavy trucks that make building shake multiple times a day


– being stared at because I am white, being called “guera” instead of “senora” or “senorita”

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=chrysler+building&iid=307030″ src=”0303/0000303740.jpg?adImageId=10506533&imageId=307030″ width=”362″ height=”471″ /]

New Yorky things I am especially looking forward to:

my friends and our always fun times

Spa Castle

– “everything” bagels

– Pinkberry frozen yogurt

– New York’s Public Libraries

– safe taxis everywhere

– the safe subway and mass transit en general

– gorgeous architecture and parks

– the thrilling “buzz” of the city

– Macy’s

road trips

– drug stores with rows and rows of beauty products

– grocery stores with halloumi cheese and 14 types of olives

– Star Trek-like diversity of humanoids and their cuisines

What I’m dreading a little bit:

– real estate prices

– cab prices

– owning clothes that were (questionably) trendy 3 years ago

– winter

– no fresh strawberries and tomatoes year-round

– no volcanoes

– silly fashion trends

mice (we had not a single roach or rodent in our apartment in Mexico)

5 thoughts on “What I’ll Miss, What I Can’t Wait For

  1. Lesley says:

    Halloumi cheese and 14 types of olives? What kind of place is this? Can I go too?

    I’m going to miss our writing group too. Although I really hope we keep it going through Skype. Won’t be the same, but a close approximation is good for me.

    Really going to miss you.

    • Joy says:

      Next time you’re in NYC, I’ll introduce you to the food mecca that is Astoria. Our regular ole grocery store — Associated on Broadway and 21st — had the olives/cheese, but any of the Italian/Greek bodegas had them, too, plus a lot of other things I still haven’t tried, like the skinned baby goats hanging in the window.

  2. DKN says:

    And now there’s like TONS of Pinkberry rip-offs so even more yummy yogurt everywhere!

    Can’t wait to have you back. We are all starting to think about our first trip back to Spa Castle with you! Yay!!

  3. Luis de la Cerda says:

    You should turn it into a good habit to treat all water and produce as if you still lived here. After all, why would you put your health in the hands of a complete stranger who might have been sleeping on the job. There have been drinking water incidents where people have died because of contamination north of the border too, you know? Same goes for situation awareness while riding public transit and such. Now that you’re used to being a little extra careful is a great opportunity to make it a habit. 🙂

    Good luck in NYC and great blog.

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