Random Inane Thoughts While Exercising in Parque Espana

– I think it’s really cute that my parents like David Gray so much.

-And I’m so glad I burned a copy of their Joe Cocker CD — there is no better exercise song than “Cry Me a River.”

-Damn, I’m gonna miss the little lizards that run across the path. And the gonzo-insanely huge banana flowers. And do those blossoms ever stop growing?

-I edited an article on burr holes today. I really do learn something new everyday. (Warning, don’t Google it unless you like seeing exposed brainy bits: Burr holes involve applying a drill through the skull.)

-That guy with the labrador looks like Dora’s boyfriend.


-I bet I’m getting my “exercise red face” right now and looking especially white.

The Black Keys make excellent music, and I’m so excited that Dora and I are going to see them this summer, outside, in Central Park. I hope they play “Psychotic Girl” too. *wink*

-Do people think my “La Sirena Gorda” t-shirt is funny? Or apt?

-I love how there’s always just as many male parents as female parents in the playground. at 5 p.m.!

-I’m so glad the Argentinian bakery doesn’t bake stuff in the afternoon.

-Would it be funny or tragic if the old man juggling bowling pins in the middle of Avenida Sonora aimed poorly and pinged me in the head while I was crossing the street?

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